8 Pillars of Wellness

When considering the factors that affect your wellbeing we can categorize them as the following 8…

Physical Wellness
The health of your body can be determined by your cardiovascular and physical strength, as well as your your dietary and sleep habits. Body composition is a major indicator of health, namely body fat percentage/amount, visceral fat, and muscle mass.

Social Wellness
Your relationships within your family and community affect your own well being. The positive and negative feelings get passed from your peers to you. Be around those who support and challenge you. This extends now to your online social presence, how you present/express yourself, how you support others, and how you support causes.

Emotional Wellness
Your own feelings are not only pre-determined genetically, everyone has the agency to change their outlook on life and their place in this world. It is best to focus on what you can change rather than what you cannot. Talking to yourself as if you were your own friend/family can help you make better decisions, without what may seem to be personal roadblocks.

Emotion such as sadness, joy, anger, hate, contempt, anxiety, envy, excitement, fear, satisfaction, desire… and many more

Intellectual Wellness
There is no age to stop learning, and school should be a small fraction of your learning experience. Keeping your memory and IQ up helps you perform every task better and more efficiently. Some areas can be reading (both fiction and non-fiction), learning a new language, how to build something, how to play an instrument…and many more.

Occupational Wellness
Being satisfied with your current position at work is essential. Healthy relationships with your co-workers, as well as being valued and aspiring to improve and move up.

Environmental Wellness
The environment around you affects your mental clarity, whether it be your bedroom/office or your neighborhood and community. It all starts with making your bed in the morning, step-by-step you will move past yourself and then you can gain fulfillment by contributing to society. 

Spiritual Wellness
Whether you believe in no god, one god, many gods, or don’t know, spiritual wellness affects us all. At the core it is purpose, fulfillment, meaning, and a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. The more you learn other religions and theories the more you deepen your beliefs, whether it changes, or stays and becomes more resilient. It influences your core values and affects the other 7 pillars of wellness.

Financial Wellness
The balance of sustenance and greed with ‘being able to not look at your bank account when making a small purchase’ being in the middle. This can branch out to financial stability, having multiple income streams, and having insurance and savings. Having financial freedom gets rid of a major stressor that affects us all. Whether it be monetary or any other of the 7 pillars.


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